Warranty conditions

Nowinka 10.01.2010

Warranty conditions for boats manufactured by the company:

August” Zbigniew Augustynowicz (Guarantor)


1. Defects revealed during the warranty period will be removed within no more than 3 months from the date of complaint submission. 

2. Warranty repairs may only be performed by: the owner or employee of the Company “August”

3. If there is a need for import parts from abroad, the repair time is extended by the time necessary to bring them.

4. The warranty covers the costs of replacing or repairing damaged parts depending on what in a given case turns out to be the most suitable in the guarantor's assessment.

5. Warranty claim should be submitted with e-mail to the Warrantor. Customer will be notified about consideration of the claim with e-mail replay.

6. It is necessary with the claim submission to provide a detailed description of the defect with photos and the boat's serial number. Such a written report should be submitted immediately, but not later than 10 days from the date on which the user first noticed the defect.

7. At the time of delivery, the customer is obliged to collect the goods quantitatively and qualitatively in the presence of the driver. In the event of any stipulation, customer has to describe the condition of the goods on the waybill or other written document with the driver's signature to confirm the condition of goods.

8. The manufacturer warrants to the holder of valid proof of purchase that the product is free from material defects in material and workmanship. The warranty does not cover damage caused by external causes such as: mechanical damage, pollution, atmospheric phenomena, improper installation of additional elements or improper operation, as well as operation inconsistent with the intended use.

9. The warranty does not apply if the Customer makes repairs or any structural changes to the boat without prior consultation and agreement with the manufacturer, and does not apply to goods for which more than 24 months have passed from the date of purchase.

10. Due to the natural wear and tear of consumables, some of them are not covered by the warranty, this applies to cables, batteries, buttons, wooden elements, mattresses, fuel lines. Mattresses should be protected against rain and other atmospheric phenomena that may destroy the coating by the Customer.

11. The customer is obliged to care for all elements made of stainless steel and to inspect it at least two times in the season. If there are traces of rust, the customer is obliged to secure the elements available on the market with appropriate means of protection and care.

12. The warranty does not cover any costs of incidental and consequential damages such as costs of transport, assembly and disassembly of additional equipment and accessories, costs related to the loss of goods, personal injury or damage caused to other entities or goods.

13. In the event of an unjustified claim for warranty repair, all costs are covered by the Customer.

14. Any disputes arising from the warranty provided will be settled by the competent court for the jurisdiction of the Guarantor.